Warning Signs

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Remember the science fiction television series Lost In Space? The show ran for three seasons (1965-68) and centered on the Robinson family who set out from an over-populated Earth in their spaceship Jupiter 2 to visit a planet with the hopes of colonizing it; however, the sabotage of Dr. Zachary Smith leaves them lost in space.

One of the characters, the family robot, is endowed with superhuman strength and futuristic weaponry, and often displays human characteristics such as laughter, sadness, and mockery.  It is best known for its warning, “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” while flailing its arms to ward off any impending harm.

Just as the universe wants to provide for us, it also works to protect us from danger, harm, and inconveniences.

We get signals warning us of potential problems all the time.

But we may not always recognize these signs.

Ever get a “bad” feeling about something?  That’s the universe waving a red flag at us. These warnings come in the form of feelings, and they urge us to take pause, rethink the situation, and listen to our inner guidance system.

robot lost in space

Lost In Space

Sometimes we may not know why we are being warned, only that we are.  This is the universe trying to redirect us to our best path.

Many times we choose to ignore our intuition when it warns us that something is not right. We end up dismissing unsettling feelings as illogical because it doesn’t seem to make sense in the moment.  We may even think that we are being paranoid or that it’s our imagination.

Yet, when we look back at situations where we received warnings, the signs become clear to us.

These warnings are part of a divine system designed to protect us. We may not always understand them, but it is always in our best interest to pay attention to them. No harm comes from pausing for a moment to reconsider things. We are to pay attention…to look before we leap, knowing that the Universe is always looking out for us.


2 thoughts on “Warning Signs

  1. Andrea

    Ah, many a time I used to ignore my gut feelings and regretted it. I once had a recurring dream which I couldn’t make sense of, which was accompanied by a strong feeling of fear, on and off for years. When I was 17, I was involved in a bad car accident where the driver died. For a day or so beforehand I had such overwhelming feelings of fear and dread, but didn’t understand why. When we had the crash, it was the exact replica of my recurring dreams — pitch back, being tossed about like I was in a washing machine, and feeling very frightened. I never had the dream again but now I pay attention when I get any feelings of dread and usually don’t do whatever I was about to. Ignore your intuition at your peril I say! Blessings, Andrea

    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Wow, Andrea, that is quite a story. You were being warned for years. Whenever I get feelings like that, I just stay home. I don’t go out unless I absolutely have to. I meditate and surrender it.

      Intuition is certainly a gift.

      Thank you for sharing your story.


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