Road Closed — Now What?

trees-450854_1920 The road ahead in our personal journey is like no other, and it is not without its challenges. It will have its peaks and valleys, its twists and turns, and its detours and dead ends.

The road may be long and arduous but that is no reason to slow down or quit. The opportunities that lie ahead are waiting for you to discover them, but you won’t discover them if you resign yourself.  And sometimes an opportunity may not have otherwise presented itself had you not been temporarily detoured.

Road closed? Take it as a challenge to be more creative. There is another way.  If something looks impossible, look at it from a different perspective.  What you wish to accomplish can be done, though not in the way you originally thought.

The road ahead, though not always clear and always full of surprises, is your invitation to grow and learn, to reach within yourself to discover strength, determination, discipline, and commitment.  It is your journey, not anyone else’s, and it is one not to be feared.  Signposts will present themselves even in the most difficult terrain.

No matter what challenges you may encounter on your journey, there is always a way around them if not directly through them.  You have what it takes to move forward, even if it means having to travel a side road.  Step confidently into the direction you need to take and travel boldly.  The way will open.

8 thoughts on “Road Closed — Now What?

  1. Kate

    I love the movie Finding Nemo. There is a line in the movie that says JUST KEEP SWIMMING. Is true..we just have to continue to swim. Get up and keep going.

  2. June Eberle

    Great thoughts!!
    When the road is closed I take the detour and discover that was were I was supposed to go all along. At times it is the blocked path that leads to creativity.
    It’s the Robert Frost, “two roads diverged” times that
    make the difference and the journey an unfolding delight.

    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Ah, yes, Robert Frost…”and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” One of my favorite poems. Being grateful for the detours opens up opportunities we never expected and that is what is so fun about taking them. We always need to remain open. If we close ourselves off, the Universe can not flow through us.

      Thanks for your thoughts, June!

  3. Jenny

    I have had a few roads closed on me but I love that it helped get me to the path that I am on now. Love your blog!

  4. Kate

    When ever I felt like a door has closed, I do look at it as “oh no what shall I do” the unknown is what I fear. I know that it’s always a blessing and a great opportunity to do something better. I know that the universe is putting me on my path. Once the initial shock has sub sided I think of what a great opportunity I have coming to me. As much as I feel I have control of what my path should be, I know a bigger force has a whole much better plan for me. I now use it as an opportunity to learn, expand and grow into a better person I can be.


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