Making Friends With Uncertainty

No matter how much planning we do or how much control we think we have over our lives, life will always be filled with uncertainty.  Rather than fearing uncertainty, make friends with it.

Yes, there will be setbacks and frustrating disappointments, but these are nothing to fear, nor should they stop you from embracing and living life.  How you perceive and handle “setbacks” determines how things will turn out.

Accepting uncertainty as a part of life means trusting that your life fits into a much larger plan. This is not always easy because the ego would have you believe that you are unsafe.  So, we hold on while fear holds us hostage.

When we trust that our life fits a larger plan, we come to know that everything we experience is meant to fit into our evolution. It is for our learning and for our inner growth. The more we connect with our true self, the more we will find that setbacks, disappointments, and failures fall into one of these categories:

  • They are temporary, and they will somehow work themselves out with minimal effort. When we adopt the attitude that all things work out for the highest good, we can trust that something good will come out of it in the end.
  • They point you in a new direction, asking you to re-examine what you are doing.  If our current direction is not serving our best interest, or if we no longer feel in alignment with it, then it is time to re-inventory our lives, and make the necessary changes.
  • They uncover hidden negative emotions and beliefs that we need to resolve.  We don’t always realize what’s holding us back until something cracks us open.
  • They are paving the way for new opportunities that are getting ready to present themselves to us. Unseen forces are continually working in our favor, even if we don’t see them.

If you still can not understand how setbacks fit into a larger plan for you, let not your heart be troubled.  Have patience, return to your center, and accept for the moment that life has uncertainties that can not be explained.  In time, an explanation may present itself, especially when you are in a state of readiness (without fear) to receive it.

There is a higher plan that is always guiding you forward even though there are bumps along the way.

One thought on “Making Friends With Uncertainty

  1. anonymous

    This so resonates with me… I can remember that my mom used to say god has a bigger picture for your life than you can ever imagine… just remember Hon you are greatness. …And you are loved.. you were made from love too…
    She was right even if I couldn’t see it… but being my journey I too have had hard times but I know that I walk through it with grace and dignity. Came out a better person…I’m glad of all of my experience bc it made me the person I am today…..also knowing that “this too shall pass” and I will come out a better person with a great life that I can only imagine….I have a great life. ..guess it will get even better…. can’t wait for that
    I know all of have done or did will pave my way to my greater self…and she is right….
    I’m blessed …grateful and better yet I am loved….
    I love your blogs keep it up. … they so resonates with me…..
    Love you my friend:)


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