Living With The Unknown


There is so much mystery to life.  We will never know what the unknown holds for us.

It’s baffling.  It’s unnerving.  It’s confounding.

And it’s exciting!

How you communicate with yourself when you are facing the unknown is going to determine how quickly and gracefully you master this part of your life.

Take the attitude that all things — all things — work out. . .somehow, some way, for the highest good.

Take the plunge. Dive in. Find out. Imagine the possibilities! Don’t let fear hold you hostage, or you will miss out on living.

2 thoughts on “Living With The Unknown

  1. Keiko

    I love this, Penny! It’s so true our FEAR holds so many things that we wish to do. Some time we may say it’s money, time, kids, and husband but deep inside it’s our FEAR holding us back.

    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Yes, many times fear disguises itself behind the mask of excuses. You’ve probably heard this before about FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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