Live Inside Out

What others think of you is not important.  Whether they are messages of praise or of disfavor, such words do not define you. It’s crucial to remain independent of the opinions of other people.

Seeking the favor of others is degrading.  Once you seek favor, you fight to remain in favor.  And once you fall into disfavor, you’re broken.  This is what happens when we chase the external, those illusions (perceptions) crafted by others of what should or should not be.

When we make others’ assessments–whether good or bad–more important than our own, we enslave ourselves to their ideals, not ours.  What does this mean for you? It means that someone else’s opinion is directing your life.  When you find yourself in disfavor, you push harder to prove others wrong, hoping to change their minds, not realizing that you’re still being directed by forces outside of yourself.  It’s a vicious cycle of slavery.

Your worldly self IS NOT your true identity. We each have a basic nature that is uniquely ours.  When we trust that basic nature (our Inner Guidance System, Intuition, Higher Self, God/Goddess, etc.), we remain true to ourselves.  Will this be without challenges?  Of course not.  But when we remain centered in who we are, we can face those challenges head-on with confidence.

Trust your Inner Nature.  Honor it with an independent mind.  Respect your vision for yourself. Work at living one day at a time in harmony with your own nature, and the struggle to engage life as if it depended on external approval will loosen the shackles.

6 thoughts on “Live Inside Out

  1. Tommy

    I love reading your writings my Love.
    I know they come from within your most inner being.
    it is like you know exactly how to enter my mind, heart and soul.
    and I love how you make me feel.

  2. Kate

    It’s so true not to fall victim to others people words. They are not my truth. It’s hard sometimes to hear what doctors say.. I know my body and I just didn’t want them to give me anymore meds. That is not who I am. That doesn’t define me.
    I need to live my truth when other outsiders feel different.. you are so right penny. Love that your back at your blog.

    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Thank you for your response. The more you detach from others’ opinions, the happier you will be. The truth is, no one knows you better than you know yourself, so why put faith in what others think they know about you??? You are much more than any of your experiences and much more than others’ ideas of who you should/should not be.


  3. White Bear

    Hello Penny, I am so happy to read your blog again. I used to wish I had been less mindful of other people’s opinions when I was in my 20’s and even 30’s, but, since being so, since about the age of 40, I have been able to chart my growth and when I let that stuff go, my already good instincts became monstrously dead-on. You remain an original. Love you and miss you. White Bear.

    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Hello White Bear…thank you for your response. The practice of detachment is not a practice of avoidance but of awareness and of releasing that which does not serve our highest good. Trusting our Inner Source allows us to come into contact with what truly matters.
      Love you and miss you, too.
      (Earth Star)


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