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Yes Yes YES


That’s my response to the Universe every morning.
I leap out of bed, throw my arms into the air, look up at the sky, and yawp a YES that would make Walt Whitman proud.
The word YES is more than an affirmative reply to a question. It is more than the opposite of NO.
Saying YES to the Universe is a metaphysical practice that parts seas and moves mountains.
It is the stuff of miracles. 
Activating the power of YES means that we are putting ourselves behind the highest intentions we have for ourselves, for others, and for the world. 
It doesn’t matter what’s in front of us. Whatever it is, when we say YES to it, whatever we think, say, and do becomes a prayer to the Universe. We say YES to life.
The energy of NO is resistance. It’s a block. However, there are times when saying NO is appropriate, especially when it comes to your health and safety. 
Ever consider why NO is such a common response from people? Because most people have been hammered with NO thousands of times (try 50,000!) during their formative years. No wonder it is such an automatic response! How many of those NO’s still echo in your mind?
Get up and YAWP your YES to the Universe! If you’re not sure what a YAWP is, it’s a loud, barbaric cry or yell (thanks to Uncle Walt in his poem “Song of Myself”).  
YAWP your YES with enthusiasm; put some bass in your voice when you say it, and mean it!
Say YES to the Universe no matter what’s in front of you. It will power you through it.

Make YES your mantra. Breathe in and repeat YES YES YES. Breathe out and repeat YES YES YES. Try this for five minutes and see how you feel. No doubt you will be energized and ready to take on the world.
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