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Put On Your Wonderwear!

I learned a new word today.


Coined by Sam Keen, a noted American author, professor, and philosopher, wonderosity is the marriage of wonder and curiosity that resides inside all of us.

We perceive our world through our five senses. But if we rush through life without connecting with our senses, life becomes blasé.  We detach from the sensuousness of it. And when that happens, we miss the wonders and beauty of life.

Wonder begins in our senses. It bubbles forth from our natural curiosity about life. It is a spiritual practice designed to awaken, or reawaken, us to the sense of Mystery that animates all beings. When we lose the capacity for wonder, when we curb our curiosity, we may as well be dead.

This morning on my patio, I stood in awe of the fog that had crept in on little cat’s feet over night, to borrow Carl Sandburg’s apt metaphor. The fog had enveloped everything in sight and lent a stillness and peace that touched me deeply; now it remains with me.

While scientifically I know how fog is created, the wonder of it is something that can not be communicated in words…it must be sensed and felt to get the full experience. I’ve always found fog to be mystical and magical. And today it made me stop in my tracks and take notice. I sat with the fog until it loosened its embrace on all that it held so closely, like lovers parting from a kiss. What romance!

Spirit fills our beings with wonder. It sets our senses tingling. The things that spark our curiosity and awaken our wonder are endless. Let the practice of wonderosity yield new insights and sensations.


Put on your wonderwear and go on a wonder hunt to wake up your sense of wonder. You don’t have to travel far to do this, but you can if you so choose. Find a place you’ve never frequented and acquaint yourself with its surroundings. Botanical gardens, forests, and zoos are wonderful places known to evoke wonder.

Now get your senses involved. What draws each one? Do any sensations evoke memories or emotions? At different times, concentrate on a different sense and see what opens up within you. Let your senses tour everything around you. Sit still. Read the signs. Feel the energy penetrate your core. Let wonder work its way into your soul. Turn life into something wonderlicious.


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