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Seven Ways To Surprise A Woman

Gentlemen, this is addressed to you.

Taking care of your woman is a sacred act.

It requires thought, observation, and pure stealth.  Your goal is to catch her off guard.

Below are seven ways to surprise your woman.

1.  Listen to her. And listen intently. Women air their feelings by talking and venting. This does not mean for you to spring into action and solve everything. It means to listen. It means to look directly into her eyes and hear her words. Don’t let your mind wander. Don’t try to get her into bed. Don’t have an A.D.D. moment. Practice patience and you will see into her soul in ways you never expected. Listening to her is a show of respect and appreciation.

2.  Give an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. This is truly a key to her heart. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. Keep it simple, yet thoughtful, not, “Oh Honey, I bought you some antifreeze!” Plan a romantic weekend getaway (be sure to consult with her friends or employer so she has no excuses).

3.  Compliment her. Flattery will get you just about anywhere. Women love compliments. Find balance in giving them though.  Too many and she will think you are up to something. Not enough and she will think you’ve lost interest. Make compliments count.  Is she a great cook? Compliment her. Does she take good care of your children? Compliment her. Does she have a beautiful smile? Compliment her. Always look for things on which to compliment her. Avoid saying things like, “Wow, that dress doesn’t make you look as fat today!”

4.  Become a chore whore. Help her with tasks around the house. Cooking, cleaning, and laundering is time-consuming, especially after a long day of work or caring for the kids. If she’s showing signs of exhaustion or frustration, that’s a cue to step in and help.

5.  Go out for a night on the town. Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Go see a show. Go dancing. Take a carriage ride.  Whisper sweetness in her ears. While men are more visually stimulated, women are aurally stimulated. Romance her the way you did when you first met.

6.  Do things she likes to do. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience. Do it with an open mind. Don’t worry about not appearing manly in front of your friends (if your friends are smart like you, they are doing these very things without your knowledge). Get a pedicure together. Go to the spa with her. Get a couple’s massage. Go shopping and be sure to compliment her on her choices. When you do the things she likes, chances are she will reciprocate by doing things you enjoy.

7.  Change your plans to be with her and only her. Take a night off occasionally from your manly activities with your man-friends to spend quality time with your woman. Of course, don’t tell her you are doing this in advance. Just do it. And be sure to turn off your phone so there will be no interruptions.

Guys, it really isn’t difficult to please your woman. She is not as complex as you’d like to believe. She wants love, she wants attention, she wants your help, she wants your friendship. She wants acknowledgment as your partner and lover. All the things she does, she does for you because she loves you.

And of all the things she wants, she just wants you.

Your comments are always welcome. In what ways do you surprise your partner? Please share.

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