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Impossible: Banned Word of the Day (Everyday)

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.'”

I like that.

When we tell ourselves that things aren’t possible, we are making the conscious choice that nothing will work out.

This is a tragedy.

Telling ourselves that things are impossible sets things in motion to prove that things are indeed impossible. Why would we limit ourselves this way? Using the word “impossible” blocks the passageway to any possibilities. It blocks the positive flow of Universal energy.  It sets up roadblock after roadblock until one must retreat altogether.

So, I vote to ban the word “impossible.” Get rid of it. It’s a word that is negatively charged. It’s a word with a dense vibration. It’s a word of failure. Why use it? It’s a word that only a closed mind (and heart) will use.

When we tell ourselves that things are indeed possible, we are making the conscious choice that things will work out…in fact, they are working out, even if we don’t see what is happening behind the scenes. Our belief makes things possible. When we agree to open our minds and our hearts, the Universe starts beating in unison with us, helping us to find ways to accomplish the things we desire.

You can remain in the rut of impossibility, or you can open ourselves up to a Universe rich with possibility. Right now, take note of your mental state. Where is it?  Take note of the thoughts dominating your mind.  Are they positive or negative? Make the choice to ban the word “impossible” from your head. When you choose to move away from impossibility, you align (or realign) your thoughts and intentions with a Higher Reality. And that’s when the fun begins!

Ready, Set, Manifest!

What you think about, activates.

Our thoughts are energy.  Every time we think a thought, we give it life.  Stop and ponder that.  If a thought didn’t exist before, it does now, simply by thinking it.

When we think a thought repeatedly, we water it with energy.  It grows like a seedling.  The more energy we give it, the more it grows into existence.  Sooner or later, that thought becomes laden with fruit that is either healthy or poisonous, depending on the kinds of thoughts generated and repeated.  Since we have the power to give life to thought, we also have the power to choose the kinds of thoughts we think.

Try this little exercise for today:

Find a quiet space, free of distractions.  Get comfortable and allow yourself to tune into your environment.  Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.  If you are outside, listen to the birds, feel the breeze, smell the scent in the air.  If you are inside, listen to calming music, feel the warmth of your own body, light a candle.

Close your eyes and picture a small object, an animal, or a person.  Make it someone or something that you have not seen in quite some time.  As you imagine that person or object, picture a pink bubble of love surrounding him/her/it.  You may repeat the person’s/object’s name aloud or think it quietly and repeatedly.  After a few minutes, give gratitude for that person or object appearing in your life, and then release the bubble upward to the light.  Let it go.  

Throughout the day, whenever you find yourself between tasks, stop to think about that object/person and take a few minutes to send energy…water your thought with love.  Give thanks again and release.

Now be on the look-out.

Don’t worry about when it will manifest.  Simply expect it.  You may find yourself flipping through a magazine or surfing channels when suddenly you see the object or person to whom you sent your energy.  Someone may bring it up in conversation.  Your phone may ring and find the person of whom you were thinking is on the other end.  And when this happens, give thanks for you’ve just experienced synchronicity.