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Mouth to Mouth

Day 13 of 29 Days of Spiritual Messages.

Today’s passage comes from The Gospel of Thomas, which predates any of the New Testament gospels by some twenty years. The Gospel of Thomas is part of the Nag Hammadi collection, sources discovered in Upper Egypt in 1945 and not endorsed by clerical authorities. In fact, these ancient texts were taken from the library of the earliest Christian monastery in Egypt and hidden after the archbishop of Alexandria ordered the monks to destroy all books he deemed “heretical.”

In this gospel, Jesus speaks directly to Thomas and says:

Whosoever drinks from my mouth will become as I am; and I will become that person; and the mysteries will be revealed to him.”


This doesn’t sound like the Jesus presented in the canonized version of the Christian bible.

A different sense of communion emerges from this line of text. Rather than eating a wafer or a piece of bread, rather than drinking from a bejeweled chalice, we are told that drinking from the mouth of Jesus makes us one with him and makes him one with us. Of course this is not literal but symbolic.

This is a much more personalized approach to knowing and communing with Spirit. This is more than mouth to mouth. This is Being to Being, Essence to Essence, Spirit to Spirit. Jesus is merely a receptacle, a cistern, pouring forth the Divine from an endless place within himself to a place deep within us, awakening (resurrecting?) the Divine in us.

As we drink, we become.

It’s no wonder clerical authorities deemed such texts heretical. This takes all the power away from them and places it directly on us.

This gospel is attributed to “Thomas the twin.” In Hebrew literature, the name Thomas means “twin.” This does not mean that Jesus had a twin brother. Again, this is a symbolic reference.

Page from Gospel of Thomas

When we partake of the Living Waters of the Spirit from the teachings of┬áJesus, what we are being offered is access to God right then and there without having to depend on outside authorities telling us what to do and how to do it. Instead, drinking from the mouth, from the Inner Fountain contained within Jesus, we discover at a deep level that we are indeed Jesus’ “twin.” We become the spiritual twin of Jesus.

This puts us on the same level as Jesus, toe to toe, eye to eye, mouth to mouth. We can choose to drink from the same Source from which Jesus himself drinks, or not. He offers us the choice. And should we take him up on his offer, he claims “the mysteries will be revealed to [us].” As we learn to live with our new identity, Source will reveal its wisdom to us as we continue to drink from it. It will teach us and guide us in the same ways it has taught and guided our twin, Jesus.