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The Sacred Institute for Spiritual Studies

Spirituality is all around us and in us.

When we understand this, no matter where we look, spiritual revelations abound.

And when we come to know these revelations, then everything we encounter and everyone we meet is a teacher.

Stuck in traffic? Patience.

Difficult people? Empathy and compassion.

Unexpected guests? Hospitality.

When we choose to see all of life as a classroom filled with spiritual lessons, we make an agreement with Spirit to reach the sacred fullness of our potential. It takes being alert, being receptive, and being humble.

A major obstacle to this practice is pride. If we think we already know it all, or think that we have it all figured out, our progress will slow or stop until we remember that we need to walk in humility. Sometimes recurrent issues occur until we learn the lesson embedded in them. As Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön says, “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

When we examine the curriculum of spiritual education, we find courses being offered at every moment. We can enroll at any time, it’s inexpensive, and classes are conducted anywhere by an abundance of teachers. Nothing is useless in Spirit’s classroom; it’s all for our learning, if we so choose.


Spirit constantly surprises us with new and uncommon teachers, along with unpredictable lessons. As you go about your day, be alert to your teachers in whatever form they take. Sit under a tree and ask it to reveal its teachings. As you are eating, ask your fork what it can teach you. While you are enjoying your garden, learn from the spider and the web it has created.

Sometimes the biggest lessons we learn come from seemingly negative experiences like illness, suffering, difficulties, or death. If you find yourself in one of these courses, open yourself up to the experience, and ask of it, “What is it that I am to learn?” Your openness, willingness, and receptivity will pave the way for the answers to come.

Let me know how your lessons are progressing. Your stories are welcome here.


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