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Faith It ‘Til You Make It

When there is an obstacle the size of a mountain on your path, what do you do?

Do you turn and run? Or do you stand and face it? ┬áDo you fear it or do you “faith” it?

Confucius says, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Jesus says that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we’d be able to move mountains.

Both spiritual leaders are telling us what steps to take to move mountainous obstacles from our paths.

Confucius says we must take action by starting small. Jesus tells us that we must have faith, even the smallest amount.

Our spiritual prescription is to use our faith as a verb, not as a noun.

As a noun, faith is an abstract concept. For some, it means the practice of following a certain religion like the Christian faith or Jewish faith, etc.

While grammatically not a verb, faith as a verb denotes action. When we act on something, we are doing something about it. We are not taking a passive approach. Even when we start with a small action, we are unleashing the power of faith for things to begin happening in our lives.

To strengthen our faith muscles, we must choose faith on a daily basis. Just that choice alone is action. Our choice activates faith.

As you make faith a daily habit, it’s important to focus on how good it feels to believe that everything is working out for the highest good, especially in the face of challenges. Rather than run in fear, be honest and acknowledge any fear felt. Admit it. Bless it. Release it.

Then, declare that your faith is stronger than any fear, and declare it daily. Declare it over and over. Every time you do this, you strengthen your faith muscles. Soon you’ll notice that despite the obstacles, you will feel a sense of being taken care of…this is the peace that passes all understanding. We come to “know” in our bones that all is working out for the best.

Faith will not magically prevent you from ever being worried again when challenges arise. But it will strengthen each time you choose it and give energy to it. Faith, as a concept, is just a concept…until we act upon it and make it a way to live every day.

When an obstacle appears, don’t fear it. Faith it!

Faith it ’til you make it!

What words of wisdom do you have about faith? Please share!