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The Spiritual Practice of Pleasure

Cherish life’s simple pleasures.

That’s the sign that hangs on a wall in my home as a daily reminder to live in the moment.

One of my students gave it to me as a gift before departing for summer break. She told me that out of all the life lessons she learned during the year with me as her teacher, enjoying life and appreciating the small things resonated with her the most.

I often look at the word “pleasures” and make a game out of it. I try to find as many words as I can within it. Some of the words I’ve found include: ¬†pleases, ease, sure, leap, sleeps, slurp, reaps, and so on. It’s a silly little game but I enjoy playing it.

Cherishing life’s simple pleasures is a spiritual practice. Simple pleasures point us toward the sacred presence in the world. They teach us about the lineaments of a whole and meaningful existence. ¬†When we act from the center of our being, when we become aware of the ultimate value of existence, when we connect with our authentic, deeper selves, we begin to take pleasure in every moment that is given to us.

I have a friend who is a self-described orthodox hedonist. He believes the aim of spirituality is pleasure. And so, he lives his life discovering the beauty in each moment. There is nothing that doesn’t fascinate him in some way. He lives in the here and now. To him, the little things are the big things.

What simple pleasures in life do you cherish?