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Seven Traits of Generous People

I love spending time with generous people. There’s a magic and a charisma about them that can’t be denied. Their energy elevates my own, inspiring my own generosity.

In talking with them about generosity, I’ve found that they share seven important traits.

1.  Generous people care about the welfare of others. Their altruism is genuine, stemming from their love for others.

2.  Generous people give to give; they don’t give to get. They give without expectation. Personal gain is not a motivating factor.

3.  Generous people are optimistic. They view the world through a positive lens. Even though we live in an imperfect world, this doesn’t stop generous people from giving their time, energy, or money. They believe in making a difference, no matter what.

4.  Generous people share the quality of trust. Their giving is an investment in happiness for all involved. If they are giving to a cause, they trust that it is a worthy one. If they give to others, they trust those people to use those gifts wisely.

5.  Generous people are energetic. Their passion for doing good energizes and revitalizes them to do even more good.

6.  Generous people are satisfied with what they have. They don’t complain or feel that they are lacking. Instead, they see the universe as abundant. They view what they have as enough and feel compelled to share it. They also practice gratitude and hold a high appreciation for their circumstances.

7.  Generous people are humble. They are not ego-driven people who are out to impress others, and they don’t give to buy someone’s love or loyalty. They operate from a “give forward, not back” philosophy, with no strings attached.

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There are a couple of “downsides” to being generous. Because generous people tend to see the best in people, they could be misconstrued as naive, and if they are not careful, they can open themselves up to being taken advantage of by those who are unscrupulous.

Some generous people may give to a fault. When this happens, they endanger their own welfare. They may find it difficult to say no and may overextend themselves. This could hurt their relationships if they do not find balance. It’s important to exercise caution at times.

Generous people are gifts in themselves. They make the world a better place. They give others a sense of importance through their acts of love and kindness, and they certainly help to restore faith in humanity.

What act of generosity have you experienced? What are other traits of generous people? Your comments are always welcome.

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