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Let It Rain


It’s raining.

I had plans to go for a run and enjoy the outdoors.

That’s not gonna happen.  Not today.

So, I’m taking it as a message from the Universe to simply enjoy the falling rain.

As I watch the rain nourish the plants in my garden, I appreciate how essential it is.  It ends droughts. It replenishes the water table. It cleanses the air (and us) of pollutants. It quenches thirst. It is a powerful natural source and resource.

Water, in various Earth-based faith traditions, represents cleansing, emotions, and purifying. Many sacred traditions use water in rituals. We see it used in baptisms, anointings, ceremonial purification rituals, blessings, and more.

Today is a day to fall in love with the rain. Rather than feel down and dreary about it, why not embrace it, letting it nourish and replenish your spirit? Here are some of those ways:

1.  Open your window. Listen to the pitter-patter of rain and let it lull you. Do some deep breathing and give gratitude.

2.  Meditate to the sound of the rain.

3.  Curl up on the couch with a blanket and read a good book.

4.  Take in the scent of rain. Some people find it pleasant, earthy, and distinctive. That’s due to petrichor, an oil produced by plants that gets absorbed into rocks and soil. When it rains, these oils release into the air, giving off a pungent aroma.

5.  Dance, sing, or walk in the rain. Imagine the rain cleansing you on all levels of your being. Of course, don’t do this during thunder or lightning.

6.  Cook your favorite meal that you associate with a rainy day.

7.  Do some self-empowerment exercises as part of your spiritual growth and unfolding.

8.  Catch up on those projects that you keep saving for a rainy day.

9.  Luxuriate in a bath using scented epsom salt like lavender or eucalyptus as you listen to the rain.

10. Spend quality time with family without the interference of TV or other electronic devices. Play games. Do a puzzle. Talk. Do arts and crafts together.

The possibilities are endless. Be creative in finding ways to enjoy it.

I think I will go for that run after all.

Your comments are always welcome.  If you have some other tips to share, please do!