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Discover Your Personal Power Symbol

I was reading through the news feed today and couldn’t help but notice all the images of dragonflies. This caught my eye because the dragonfly is my personal power symbol.

A personal power symbol is any object of your choosing that will manifest itself in any form. It can show up in a piece of writing, in a photo, in a piece of jewelry or a tattoo. You may overhear a conversation about it between two people or someone else may bring up the topic to you. It can show up in art, in a movie, on an article of clothing, or in my case, today’s news feed.

Power symbols are not uncommon to use for spiritual development. In fact, a power symbol serves as a reminder of your spiritual walk.Whenever I see a dragonfly, it’s my message to stop and honor Spirit with a prayer of gratitude. I call it my Winged Comforter because it reaffirms that I am moving in the right direction in my life. I also use the dragonfly as a meditation tool to help me visualize positive outcomes. I imagine myself flying freely and quickly over a body of water, skittering to the perfect outcome, my mind at peace.

Choosing a personal power symbol (or symbols) means that you are acknowledging the power of Spirit in your life. It means you are actively involved in your spiritual development. When you choose one, you want one that is obviously meaningful to you. For me, the dragonfly symbolizes peace, strength, prosperity, transformation, and the ability to see things from different angles.

There are a few ways to discover your power symbol(s). If you haven’t made a conscious choice, you can ask yourself what things you are drawn to the most. Is it a certain animal? Is it a certain color? Is it a specific word or phrase? Is it particular sound? Besides the dragonfly, I find the sound of a train in the distance to have a certain sacramental quality to it, and so whenever I hear one, I am reminded of the power of the present moment.

Another way to discover your power symbol is through meditation, prayer, or some other type of contemplative exercise in which you give gratitude for the symbol making itself known to you. Spirit will reveal it to you in a meaningful way.

You may also use the technique of auto-suggestion just before falling to sleep at night. A simple repeated phrase such as, “My power symbol reveals itself to me in my dreams,” or any other wording of your choice. You can repeat this mentally or verbally as you prepare to slip away into dreamland. When you awake, make note of any symbols that appeared in your dreams.

Once you have chosen your symbol, or once it chooses you through any of the techniques described above, become aware of it and notice when it appears. Power symbols seem to manifest at just the right time.  There’s no need to go around actively looking for it or forcing yourself to see it. As you go about your day-to-day activities, Spirit will send you little reminders of Presence via your personal symbol, and as they do, allow them to guide you on your journey.

Symbols are very much a part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. A symbol is a concentrated form of communication and energy that speaks to us through its image more quickly, and almost immediately, than through language. They affect us on deeper levels because they have the power to engage our emotions and to stir within us the will to action. Symbols are life-affirming because they have the power to inspire, to encourage, to enlighten, to transform, and to heal.

What will you choose for your symbol, and why? Or, if you have a symbol, how has it helped you in your journey?  I welcome your comments below.