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Co-Partners in Creation

We are surrounded by possibilities.

From those possibilities, we create.

As we create from those possibilities, more possibilities are created.

And so, the process of creation continues. It never stops.

Life is always renewing itself.

Our lives are works-in-progress, and we are partners with Spirit in its ongoing creation. With our thoughts, our actions, our efforts, our time, and our resources, we are participating in the act of creation. Right here, right now, in this very moment, you are creating.

We can take a single idea and transform it into reality, into something tangible and real. We can take what is and turn it into something that never was. We give it life. And the beauty is, there is no limit to what we can create.

We can take an idea — a thought — and grow it into an object, an experience, or an expression of art. We grow it into something that contains meaning, beauty, and purpose.

With our ability to create, we can make a positive and meaningful difference, not only in our lives, but in the lives of others.

What will you create today?


Create a Book of Meaning. This can become your personal bible. Find an old book that you can recycle, or if you like to scrapbook, you can pick up scrapbooking materials at your local hobby store. You may also visit your local bookstore and pick up a journal or a moleskine sketchbook.

In it, adhere or write your favorite quotes of meaning. You can hand-write them, or you can print them from your computer. Play around with colors and fonts.

You can also paste photos that hold moments of personal meaning. Or, if you have specific goals, find photos that represent those goals and add them.

Add affirmations, favorite poems, and lyrics to uplifting songs.

Include mantras and sacred words.

You may want to include an introduction to your Book of Meaning, sharing your personal journey.

You may want to add your personal creed, a statement of faith, or a statement of values that you hold dear. Record important wisdom and lessons that you have found to be most useful in living your life, and the meanings you want to pass on to your heirs, if you so choose.

Taken from my personal Book of Meaning.

Sometimes I sketch images that come to me during meditation with the message that comes with it.

Whatever you choose to include, do it on a daily or weekly basis, or whenever you come across meaningful words, passages, and photos to include in your book.

The possibilities are endless.


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