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29 Days of Spiritual Messages…Imperfectly Perfect

For the next month, join me in my new series 29 Days of Spiritual Messages as we attune ourselves to spiritual thinking so we may strive toward our Highest Authentic Self.

In this series, I will provide passages on which to meditate or contemplate, and the spiritual message(s) that emerge(s) from behind the words. These passages will come from various wisdom traditions, sacred and secular literature, poetry, and lyrics. Everything will be viewed from a spiritual lens. The messages may or may not resonate with you immediately, but give them the time and respect they deserve.

You may find that a different message will emerge altogether, and if so, please share your insights in the comment section below, as Spirit communicates with us in diverse ways. One message doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Our first passage comes from singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. These lyrics are from “Anthem” in his book Strange Music: Selected Poems and Songs:

Ring the bells that still can ring,
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.
For some, words are simply words, and lyrics are simply lyrics. How many times have we sung along to lyrics without paying any attention to them? But if we are to live rich, meaningful lives, we must dig below the surface to find True Gold. So, let’s dig in.
Approach his words with more than one reading. Read it again. And again. Let it sink in. You’ll begin to connect with the message on some level. And with each successive reading, the message will begin to flower and make itself known.
“Ring the bells that still can ring.” How does that sit with you? Are there some we can no longer ring? Or don’t want to ring? Why only certain bells? What are those bells in our life? 
Notice that this line begins in the imperative. It’s not asking us to ring the bells; it’s telling us to ring them. This is a direct command. Let’s ring the ones that ring true within us. This means we must take responsibility.  It doesn’t matter what kind of life we are living; we must remember that we are responsible for what we have created for ourselves and we must own up to that fact, if we are to move forward.
“Forget your perfect offering.” Perfect offering? What does that mean? Why are we to forget it? If we forget it, does that mean to remember something else? Like what? Does that mean to let go? 
This is another one of those imperatives. Not all things are going to work out as planned, so maybe we are to forget our old ways of doing things in life. Maybe those ways are no longer valid. We tend to get hung up on old ways, thinking that if we try it the same way one more time, it might just work. We are to shed our old ways and embrace new ones…new ways of thinking, doing, seeing and being.

This way does not admit of solution or perfection; instead, as we take responsibility in the creation of our lives, we also need to let go of the old ways that have held us back, and step into the unknown, trusting something much larger than ourselves in a place where we no longer need to worry about how things will work out…they just will, somehow, someway. So forget those perfect offerings because there is no perfect way; there are many ways, and these ways are divine ways. Allow them to come to you.

“There is a crack in everything.” Does this mean nothing is perfect? Is everything in life flawed? Or are our ideas of how things should be flawed? Pause for thought. 
All things are imperfect; otherwise, we wouldn’t strive to work at them. We’d like to think that all things are perfect. If things were perfect, there’d be no growth. Our ideas at times are flawed because of our social conditioning from parents, teachers, media, advertisers, and the like. We are falsely led into comparing ourselves to others’ standards, and then when we don’t measure up, we feel like failures. Only when we embrace our flaws will we find that we are unique and “perfect” in the Divine Eye. We discover “perfection” from a divine perspective.

“That’s how the light gets in.” Boom. Now we get to the crux. What’s so important about this light? What is this light? And what does it do for us once it gets in?

Light brings everything into awareness. Without those “cracks,” we wouldn’t be able to receive or know this light. This light allows us to grow, to strive, to thrive, to live. It is a light of transformation, one that touches and heals, one that guides and awakens. We can either embrace this light or reject it. It’s our choice.

We are not perfect, nor will we ever be according to society’s standards, so let go of the things that try to define us outwardly. Let the light shine through our imperfections. They are what they are. When we accept them as part of who we are, we find redemption and freedom.

There is a reason why the light comes in. What is that reason for you?