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Holy Cow! A Lesson In Bovine Beauty

Study an animal long enough, and it may provide you insight to carry into your own experiences. We usually associate certain qualities with certain animals.  Dogs are loyal, and cats are curious.

I took a lesson from a herd of cows today.

Nothing seems to bother them.

They graze.

They laze.

They are sociable, staying in the same part of whatever field they are in.

They are a happy lot. They are content no matter where they are.

In India, the cow is a provider of milk. It is also equated to one’s mother. Cows are sacred for many reasons in Hindu mythologies and tradition. Kamadhenu, for example, is a divine bovine-goddess described as the mother of all cows. She is the wish-fulfilling cow and is honored through the veneration of all cows in general throughout the observant Hindu population. Because they are sacred, it’s not unusual to see them roaming the streets, completely unharmed.

When I was sojourning in Kathmandu, Nepal, on my way to the Himalayas, I remember watching a cow striding down the middle of a highway without a care in the world. Cars slowed down to move around her. People even threw vegetables toward her to honor her spirit. The experience touched me in a very deep place.

She was one happy cow.  It was as if she knew she had the endorsement of the entire universe behind her existence.

Looking at the cows in the field today reminded me of that experience in Nepal. I saw them not as walking hamburgers or receptacles of milk, but as symbols of the Earth; they give so much of themselves without expecting anything in return. . .such innocent creatures who are comfortable just being themselves.

That’s something to be happy about.