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Break The Spell and Go To Health

Many of us have been under a powerful spell.

The spell of social conditioning.

It’s time to break it.

We don’t realize how much of our life’s choices are governed by this type of programming.

We are told how to act, how to look, how to speak, what to wear, where to live, what to think, what to learn, and so on.

Basically, we are told by others how to live our lives, and the sad thing is, we actually listen without question, thinking that because everyone else is doing the same thing, we should do the same.

Images of Macbeth‘s three witches, the Weird Sisters, come to mind, chanting, “Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble” over their hell-broth as they plot the duping and demise of Macbeth. All sorts of vile ingredients, scavenged from animals and humans, go into their spell-casting.

Unfortunately, Macbeth never breaks the spell, even after taking part in the creation of it. By the time he realizes the truth, it’s too late.

But it is never too late for us to get out from under the spell of societal conditioning. We can take back our power and create our own “spells.”

I’ve always found that whenever I “had” to follow the dictates of society or the expectations of others, my body would react violently in the form of massive migraines that would send me to the hospital; I’d be wiped out for days at a time. I “knew” that what I was being told I should do was going against what I wanted to do for my own highest good. 

I had to do something or else live my life in a debilitating state, and when I finally stood up to those Goliaths, all hell broke loose, but it was the best thing to happen because I got to live life on my own terms. If I wanted to make a mess of my life, then I could. If I wanted to make something of my life, then by God I could to do that, too.

I broke the spell when I realized that I had a choice. I could choose to live by others’ rules and expectations, thereby sentencing my life to one of misery and hell, or I could choose to live a life of my own creation, freely, openly, and expansively, from the inside out. The migraines vanished, and I got my health (and my mind) back.

Whenever someone says to me, “Well, you’re supposed to do this,” or “You should do that,” I always come back with “Who says?” especially when I’m not feeling in alignment with what they are telling me.

To break the “spell,” you must first reclaim your power. Our power can be taken away when we are unaware, unarmed, or unprotected. Realize that your power is yours to give, to keep, or to take back. Be aware of your choices. Take responsibility for yourself. Say no when you must, especially if you are not in alignment with someone else’s choices for you. 

Own up to your part in the creation of things past. Things don’t simply happen “to” you; they happened because you allowed them to happen. Let these go; they no longer define you. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Move on.
Once you’ve reclaimed your power, decide how to use that power. Will you use it to inflict harm on others for what has happened in the past, or will you use it to create the highest good for all? The power to create is an awesome responsibility. School yourself in this responsibility to know how to use it wisely.
Trust your Inner Guidance System. Tap into this system on a daily basis. Honor it. Let it speak to you. Here you will find an abundance of wisdom to guide you. It will let you know when it is not in alignment because your body will react physically with discomfort or unease.
Believe in Divine Direction. Your Divine Essence will not lead you down a harmful path. Know that you are being divinely led in the direction you are meant to go, even if others think otherwise. An uncommon strength will rise up to help you power forward on your path.
Do no harm to others or to yourself. When you are in alignment with Spirit, you will cease to do or say anything harmful as you create and expand. You will act from a place of great love, not fear.

Breaking the spell of social conditioning is about taking control of your life, rather than letting others control it for you. As you practice your own brand of Spiritcraft, you will find all areas of your life improving, growing, and expanding. 

Blessed be!

Create your own “spell” or “healing-broth.” Write it in the form of a short rhyming poem. Fill it with compassion, empathy, and respect for you, others, and your Creator. Let it guide and direct your energies for the good of all. This can be your creed, personal statement, mission statement, etc. Recite it often, pray it, meditate on it, or chant it as a mantra. Create a special “brew” such as a cup of tea to accompany your “spell.” You may also create your own special ritual around this activity.

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