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Is The Universe Trying To Tell You Something?

Do you ever feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something, but you don’t quite understand the message?

The Universe is constantly sending us hints, “speaking” to us about the directions we are to take in life.  To understand what the Universe is saying, we have to become more aware of its “language.”  Oftentimes, we don’t recognize the messages because the Universe speaks through experience.

There are many ways in which the Universe communicates with us.  It does not have any limits on how it will speak to us.  As we become more aware of our life experiences, we can begin to decode the messages sent our way.

To understand the Universe’s language, you must take the steps to learn it.  First and foremost, allow yourself to be open to receiving its messages.  If there is any apprehension, the Universe will take it that you are not ready.  As you cultivate your desire to hear from the Universe, the answers will begin to present themselves in many ways, but you must be willing to accept those answers, no matter how they show up.  You may receive your answers from a dream, from a friend’s advice or a stranger’s, or you may overhear a conversation related to your question. You may hear a song that speaks to your experience, see a message on a billboard or on someone’s tee-shirt, or you may see a TV show that contains the information you need…the possibilities are endless.

Start paying attention to what you are experiencing.  Make note of recurring experiences.  My rule of thumb is, if you hear or see something three times in a short period of time, act on it. These little synchronicities are the Divine’s way of saying that you are on the right track, or they are clues to help you better understand yourself, your growth, or your path. Sometimes the Universe will send messages repeatedly until we get them.  For example, maybe the presence of a particular animal keeps getting your attention.  Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell you to incorporate the traits of this animal into your life.  The symbolism and message can change depending on your individual connection or feeling toward the animal.  Follow your intuition on this.

Pay attention to your body.  The physical body can provide many messages about your emotional, mental, and spiritual health.  Of course illness occurs when our immunity is compromised, but could it be that your body is trying to communicate something deeper? Maybe that sore throat is the Universe trying to communicate something to you about your self-expression (are you angry with someone and want to tell that person but are afraid?).

Keep track of your dreams.  Dreams are very symbolic and unique to the individual, but focus on how the dream makes you feel to determine what the message might be.  Dreams are clues as to what is happening on the subconscious level.  Recurring dreams could mean that the Universe is trying to tell you about an unresolved issue that needs attention and resolution. Make note of the images, colors, and feelings you experience in each dream.

When the Universe sends messages, these messages are often symbols loaded with meaning, so it’s important to examine your connection to the symbol.  A spider to one person could stir up fear and loathing, but to another person it could mean making connections…again, trust your intuition as you develop your own dictionary of spiritual symbols.  You will know the “truth” of a symbol by the way it resonates with you. It’s truth will speak to you as an individual in a way which you understand and relate to on a deeper level.  You’ll just “know.”

As you fine tune your sensitivity to the Universe and its messages, signs, and symbols, you’re experience of life will only grow. Keep your eyes and ears open.  Stay in tune with your gut. The Universe uses signs to validate its presence in your life or as an intuitive nudge to prompt you to take action. As you cultivate your awareness, you’ll soon discover that the Universe has been communicating with you all along.


Please share your comments below.   I would love to hear about your experiences.

"I Am" Statements and How They Work

“Feeling is what you get for thinking the way you do,” says author and lecturer Marilyn Vos Savant.


Thoughts generate feelings. Ever notice how your body reacts to certain thoughts or situations? The body is the best indicator of our emotions and reactions.

Whenever we are exposed to negative thoughts and emotions, whether they originate from others or ourselves, the body responds in a number of ways. Tension may show up in your head, your shoulders, your stomach, or any other part of your body, making you feel ill at ease. Such negativity compounded over time breaks the body down; serious illness results, or worse yet, death.

Likewise, exposing ourselves to positive thoughts and emotions lifts our mood and spirit. The body feels lighter, energetic, and happier. Harmony flows, allowing for healing and positive change.

When you become aware of your own reactions to people or situations, notice how it settles in your body. This awareness is the first step in spiritual maturity and in loving yourself. Once you develop this awareness, you will be able to control how you react and how you feel the next time you are faced with negativity.

It’s important to make yourself a priority. This is not a selfish act; it is a loving act. Taking care of your body and mind and becoming aware of how you react and feel will help you to better serve not only yourself but others. It’s hard to radiate love when feeling stressed or ill.

One way to begin is by using “I Am” statements. An “I Am” statement is a phrase to think or say aloud and is followed by a word or words of your choosing to describe you or the you that you want to be. What words do you find yourself using after the phrase I Am? These two simple words are very powerful because they influence your reality. They must be used very carefully and lovingly.

Understand that the subconscious mind believes whatever you tell it; it doesn’t differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.  It will act upon any information or instruction that you give it, and as a result it will attract to us conditions and circumstances according to our predominant thought patterns.  “I Am” statements that are repeated over and over imprint themselves in the subconscious mind which acts on the images we’ve created.

Using “I Am” statements will either reinforce the you that you are or they will manifest the you that you want to be.  But it begins with you.  Start today.  Here are some:

I am beautiful.
I am healthy.
I am kind.
I am loving.
I am intelligent.
I am creative.
I am powerful.
I am wealthy.
I am a good person.
I am happy.

You get the idea.  Now go be the you you are meant to be.