Bee Here Now!

Spiritography Day 10: Imaging the Sacred in Everyday Life

I worked with the most cooperative subjects in my garden this morning — bumblebees.

Usually I keep my distance from things that are known to sting, but the bumblebee is not aggressive, and I saw this as an invitation to understand its world.

Technically, the bumblebee should not be able to fly. But it does. Scientists have said that aerodynamically, the bumblebee is designed completely wrong, and that the only reason it flies is through “sheer will.”

It is a flying miracle.

Being master pollinators, bees also play a vital role in the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

With camera in hand, I let the bee speak to me through the lens.

“Master Pollinator” by Penny McDaniel

“Bee” productive. Bees stay focused on whatever they are doing.  If our energy is scattered, the bumblebee can show us how to become focused once more.

“Bee” mindful. The bumblebee reminds us to slow down from being a “busy bee” in our lives. Smell the flowers and taste the sweetness of life. “Bee” here now, in the moment.

“Bee” of service. In the pollination process, while they collect nectar, they also collect pollen which they pass on to other flowers. Their service contributes greatly to our livelihood. The bee invites us to service by sharing our talents with humanity. As they service each flower, we see the interconnectedness of all living things. Our gifts are of importance. “Bee” part of the community and contribute where you can.

“Bee” the miracle. Bees, according to science, aren’t designed to fly, yet they do. They defy logic. So do miracles. The bee reminds us that miracles are possible.

IMG_7767 - Edited

“Bee on Russian Sage” by Penny McDaniel

“Bee-ing Mindful” by Penny McDaniel

“Just Bee-ing” by Penny McDaniel

6 thoughts on “Bee Here Now!

  1. anonymous

    So true….I sometimes have to remember to stay in the moment….sometimes its hard to…but when I put my phone down n truly be in the moment its magical….n I love it….I always enjoy taking walks in nature….like you’ve always said that nature can refuel your energy n it always does…I can always feel calm and relax after a nice walk in nature….and watching the animals be in the moment it makes me think that I need to be in the moment and have all that talk in my head to stop…..

    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Hello “anonymous,”

      Nature has a special way of healing and re-energizing us when we need it the most. Sometimes we have to stop what we are doing, and take ourselves away from all technology and the busyness of life…Nature always welcomes us.


    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Hi elly…

      I’ve never heard that about bees before…interesting…I will keep that in mind. Thank you!


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