3 Spiritual Lessons From Autumn

Spiritography Day 7: Imaging the Sacred in Everyday Life

My favorite color is Autumn.

It’s also my favorite aroma.

The fire-glow radiance of gold, orange, and scarlet…

The scent of pine, patchouli, and cinnamon…

Autumn is a season of culmination and transition. It is nature’s last hoorah before retiring into winter’s dormancy. It is a time that calls us to self-reflection, letting go, and spiritual connection when we open ourselves to its lessons.


Photo by Penny McDaniel

I invite you to gently enter into the Spirit of Autumn and see how it can help you live a richer, more meaningful life.

The first great lesson of Autumn is letting go. Trees that once nurtured emerging buds now let go of the leaves they once nourished. It is a natural process, and that which no longer serves the tree will now enrich and nourish the earth below in its transition.

Autumn prompts us to release our attachments to past experiences, without regrets or resentments. Things which no longer serve us can be donated, recycled, or given to someone in need. Relationships may need to be revised or given the room to fade harmoniously away. We can keep the value of an experience while letting go of its weight.

The second great lesson of Autumn is acknowledging impermanence. When we contemplate the autumnal changes, we grow more appreciative of all the beauty that surrounds us, not just in nature, but in our lives. When we cherish someone or something, we do so because deep down we know that they won’t be around forever for us to enjoy, and this moves us to connect as deeply as we can.

Autumn is a time of dual purpose, and so the third great lesson is preparation. While Autumn is a time for gathering main harvests, it is also the time to determine what is needed for the upcoming winter. We see this as animals ready their homes in such a way that they need not go out in the middle of winter for anything they need. Autumn teaches us to be ready.


Photo by Penny McDaniel

As we contemplate Autumn and its spirit, let us be inspired by its sounds, its aromas, its colors, but most of all, its gentle guidance so that we may live full, fruitful lives. Let it reveal again what is most precious in our lives.

2 thoughts on “3 Spiritual Lessons From Autumn

  1. anonymous

    I always love the fall…I think fall and spring r my favorites bc it reminds me of circle of life….just about new and letting go…it also makes me realize that all thing can be reborn in to something good again….that we all r able to possess CHANGE…bc we can….only if we want to…..I guess that’s the idea……its true that we can n have that ability to change n get the old thoughts n ideas off us…like how some animals can shed thier skin. ….our own spiritual skin we can shed….its up to us…..
    so love this blog bc it does remind me in very way of change….its a good thing….love ya

    1. Penny McDaniel Post author

      Dear “anonymous,”

      Everything comes full circle in the cycles of nature…like you said, “the circle of life,” letting go of the old to make way for the new. Change is there for the taking in our lives and we are to embrace it with love instead of fear…it’s our choice. If we want situations to change for the better in our lives, then it is up to us to initiate that change. No one else can do it for us.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here today. Much appreciated, my friend.
      Love and blessings.


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